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At Dutch’s, we aren’t the artisan but we share their passion and seek to advance artisanal food and beverage. As the retail outlet to the artisan, our goal is to provide a unique venue for you to find knowledge and value; whether shopping for your evening dinner, weekend party, or simply enjoying at our bar. We strive to be at the forefront of the food and beverage market, all while staying true to our long history in Cincinnati.

For sixty-five years, Cincinnatians have been blessed with a family business whose goal has been to help people celebrate and deliver the trappings of entertainment. Whether age ninety or thirty, Dutch’s customers share memories of trips to the beer dock with their children or parents and home deliveries of the libations needed for family celebrations. Being a Hyde Park native and resident, co-owner Jay Ashmore shares these same memories. For Jay, it was holiday-time home deliveries of his mom’s favorite beer, Hofbräu Original and stories of his mom visiting with “Ranger” Bob on the dock during her breaks while building her flower shop next door.

In 2001 Jay’s mother, Molly, passed away leaving behind an unfulfilled dream of opening a flower shop in the space now occupied by the Larder. On his way to his first wine exam in 2007, Jay saw a “for sale” sign in the window of Dutch’s. He felt the serendipity was too strong to ignore and bought the business to further his growing passion and dedication to the entrepreneurial pursuit. When the building Molly built to be her store became available, Jay felt it was time to renew his mother’s dream for that space. He teamed with Jim Cornwell to develop the idea of a Larder, bringing artisanal food to the established pursuit of offering flavorful craft beer and small production, value-priced wines. The Larder completes the circle of artisanal offerings started with the Bar and Bottle Shop.

Dutch’s Bar and Bottle Shop, now featuring the Larder, remains a true gem in Cincinnati. It’s a one-stop shopping, relaxing and entertaining spot for anyone interested in craft beer, quality wine, and unique food offerings. You won’t want to miss a single detail of this local treasure.

Jay K Ashmore

Since purchasing Dutch’s in 2007, Jay has dedicated himself to the pursuit of bringing artisanal beverage to the fore, rather than simply following trends. In 2010, he left Dutch’s to work for Stone Brewing Company, maker of the beer Stone Ruination IPA, a personal favorite for Jay. As “High Priest of Potables”, Jay is committed to spreading the gospel of craft beer.

The Larder at Dutch’s will be a unique opportunity to pair craft beer and wine with some spectacular food options. Jay’s studies with WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust), Cicerone (a beer sommelier certification program), and the San Francisco Cheese School contribute to his desire to further the artisanal food and beverage revolution that is currently taking place in the US. There is no item at the Bar and Larder that Jay doesn’t personally support and value. His goal at Dutch’s is to bring patrons the best craft beers, wines and food selections on the market today, and add to Cincinnati’s unique balance of interesting venues at all different price points.

Jay feels very fortunate to make a living doing what he loves. He has found that traveling the country for business is great fun when you‘re meeting industry greats and learning from mentors about relationships and business. Jay respects and admires those food and beverage leaders who don’t let success go to their heads. He personally strives to never stop learning, evolving, and fighting the demons of fizzy yellow beer.

Pam Ashmore

With a background in teaching fine art, co-owner and “House Mother and Muse,” Pam Rockenfield Ashmore is particularly suited to ensuring that customers feel welcome in Dutch’s unique space. Pam has worked in the service industry for many years and has experience planning social events, which the Dutch’s customer will note in the details and aesthetics that contribute to their social experience. Her natural inclinations for art allow her to shape a fun and eclectic ambiance where customers feel at home.

Her goal at Dutch’s is to create an environment where customers feel inspired to try new things in a fun and unpretentious way. Pam loves the breads and sweets in the Larder, but also enjoys the adventure in finding new favorites. While you’ll never see her eat a Rocky Mountain Oyster, she loves seared Foie Gras and a glass of DeuS Brut Des Flandres beer. Pam feels that Cincinnati is perfect for creative business start-ups and the Larder’s offerings of entertaining edibles are a great match for the fantastic beer and wine selection offered in the Bottle Shop.

Jim Cornwell

Jim Cornwell is an operating partner at Dutch’s Larder as well as the head butcher. Having worked with well-known Cincinnati chefs, like Jean- Robert de Cavel, Dave Cook, Sean Daly and Dave Falk, Jim finds that his passion is providing exemplary customer service and bridging the gap between the products available to restaurant chefs and those available to the public. The Larder at Dutch’s will be Jim’s opportunity to bring specialty items to the public.

One of Jim’s favorite items in the Larder is the Waygu ribeye and he admits that he probably enjoys cured pork products a little too much! However, his favorite products will always be those made by artisans whose sole purpose is to create a particular item in its purest form. He will never sell anything in the Larder that he hasn’t personally sampled. Although he doesn’t consider himself a “foodie,” Jim is committed to feeding himself, his family and his customers the healthiest and best options available. Food is the cornerstone of family and social life, and as such, Jim knows that quality is of the utmost importance.

Whether it’s pairing a food selection with a beer, some bubbles, or a wine, Jim Cornwell is dedicated to finding the perfect match for his customer.